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Running a business shouldn’t be all about the daily grind and the constant juggling to manage said business. Where’s the fun in that? The tools you need should take a bit of time to get up and running, but once they’re in place…you should *almost* be able to forget they exist.

Running a business shouldn’t be all about the daily grind.

Building a business has an enormous online component that can help your business to explode, in a good way. If you don’t love spending hours of time finding just the right productivity app or editing that photo just one more time, you might be feeling that technology is more of a burden than a boon. Inevitably, once you get the hang of one program, it gets a fancy new update or someone convinces you that this new program is the next big thing. It’s too easy to fall into information overload and the perpetual cycle of learning mode.

Break out of Learning Mode!

This shouldn’t be about shiny new tools or fun new gadgets. The key is to understand what your customers value the most and make sure they get it in spades. Harnessing the tools you need to accomplish those goals is the first step. With a little digging deep and advance planning, you can set yourself up for success so you can stop worrying about the mechanics of your business and get back to building the business you love.

Holding Back?

Are you holding back or waiting to take that next big step because you’re intimidated or overwhelmed by the technology questions that are bound to arise? Do you often feel that the daily grind of running your business is taking over your life? Then perhaps you’re coming at the problem from the wrong angle. Let’s adjust your focus and forget about the hurdles ahead. Instead, let’s figure on what tools can do for your business and demystify the process so you can get back to living a full life and pushing your goals to fruition.
Bookkeeping (might include)
  • accounts payable process review
  • accounts receivable process review
  • bank reconciliations/bank feeds
  • expense transaction process review
  • chart of accounts
  • reporting that fits your business
  • payroll system review
  • mileage tracking
  • workflows to streamline processes
  • systematization
  • journal entries
  • fact-checking accounting entries
  • tracking and correcting problem transactions
  • Data visualization
  • Advanced bookkeeping reports
  • Operations manual outline
  • Top Down review of business systems and audit
  • Review of redundancies and bottlenecks
Administration, Strategy & Projects
  • automation/efficiency audits & implementation
  • project planning
  • project management
  • business online tools strategy
  • online tool management & implementation
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • business planning
  • email automation
  • email management & organization
  • newsletter setup
  • proofreading
  • website modifications
  • optin integration
  • social media templates
  • review of current systems, strengths and weaknesses
  • review of goals and wants for new system
  • deep dive into functionality of available software (chosen by you)
  • outline of steps forward and prioritization
  • outline of internal business how-to manual/guide
  • review with stakeholders (end users) to assess ease of use and ability
  • outline of discussion points for benefits of new system/software

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